Portable Solar Power Systems – Keep Your Computer, Camera and More Charged With the Sun

By: Solar Matt

If you are like millions of Americans, you love to be on the go, enjoying the great outdoors. More and more Americans spend good portions of their summers at camps, camping in the wilderness, or hiking. Unfortunately, the realities of our day to day lives make it very hard to leave the world behind for more than a few hours, let alone a whole weekend, or more.

If you love the great outdoors, but need to be able to stay connected to your friends and family, or the office, you need an affordable and efficient way to keep your computer and your cell phone charged up and ready to go – especially when you are nowhere near the closest electrical outlet. A Portable Solar Power System is the answer!

I came across two Portable Solar Power Systems from a company called Silicon Solar when I was searching the internet for a great present for one of my friends this past week. They offer two different Portable Solar Power Systems; a Large Portable Solar Power System and a Small Portable Solar Power System.

The Small Portable Solar Power System is perfect for small electronic devices like cell phones, PDAs, MP3 Players, rechargeable batteries, and small cameras. The Small Portable Solar Power System includes a small solar panel, a small sealed-lead acid battery and a 75W inverter with a single AC outlet (like you would find in your home). The inverter turns the DC power generated by your Solar Panel, and stored in your battery into the typical AC power that normal household appliances use to recharge and operate. You can purchase the Small Portable Solar Power System for under $150.

The Large Portable Solar Power System features a larger Solar Panel, larger battery for additional storage and charging capacity, and a 400 watt DC to AC Inverter with two standard AC outlets, which allows you to charge or use two different electronic devices at the same time. The Large Portable Solar Power System is great for charging all of the smaller electronic devices that the small Portable Solar Power System charges, as well as some larger devices like laptop computers, portable DVD players, Sewing Machines, and much, much more. And, the Large Portable Solar Power System comes with a number of different Solar Panels to choose from – depending of how much power you really need, and the best part? It costs under $350.

Both of these Portable Solar Power Systems are incredibly portable and lightweight, and can be toted from place to place in the included carrying cases. If you, like millions of Americans, need the power to stay connected to your busy life while you are enjoying some peace and quiet in the great outdoors, one of these Portable Solar Power Systems is probably the right choice for you. You can find these, and hundreds of other great Solar Products from Silicon Solar at their website; www.siliconsolar.com.

Silicon Solar Inc www.siliconsolar.com 800.653.8540

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