Solar Power Systems From Leading Companies

There are hundreds of different companies that are able to supply solar power equipment. These companies have increased in popularity due to people wanting to protect the environment. By using solar power you can protect the environment by not having to burn fossil fuels. The amount of fuel that we have available is limited and they are quickly running out, by using solar power you are conserving the natural energy

The most important part of any solar power system is the solar panels themselves. Huge companies such as Big Frog Mountain, Solar Cell Sales and Mr Solar produce a fairly basic kit which contains a solar panel, batteries and everything else you would need. You will not need any other specialized equipment like an air compressor. There are a few very large companies such as Kyocera Solar Power, these are made possible by the popularity and demand for such systems.

You will also need to purchase inverters and batteries from one of these solar power companies. One company called evergreen solar produces photovoltaic modules, these are used in very big solar installations. Photovoltaic or PV is the name for the way the energy is converted from light into electricity.

Another really useful use for solar equipment is heating. Solar Attic and Go Solar Company produce, design and install solar heating equipment to your home. After sales support is also available from these companies, and most are very friendly. You can also purchase solar heating equipment to heat swimming pools.

The Wireless Solar Process

Some solar power companies have pioneered wireless solar power, one such company is known as SunWize technologies Inc. By doing this you can create environmentally friendly power without much effort.

Solar energy can also be seen on race cars, space craft and even airplanes! Solar power companies all around the world produce silicon solar cells which are used in such applications. A company known as Nanosolar creates roll prints of solar cells which are much thinner than silicon, 1/100th thinner to be precise! Solar technology also finds itself at home in remote locations, particularly on livestock farms.

You will be able to find wholesale solar distributers, and retail shops. One useful wholesale distributor is The retail solar stores are the ones that you should look out for if you want to buy equipment for your own home. Large systems are often only for industrial use, however you will find that many companies make smaller systems suitable for private use.

Commercial buyers may also be interested in solar powered street lights, billboards and parking lots. Many other companies have produced products which are aimed directly at personal use, from calculators, to laptop computers.

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