Photovoltaic Building - Homemade Solar Cheaply and Easily

Photovoltaic building is becoming more and more popular as energy costs soar for households around the nation and around the world. Today you are going to learn how you can have homemade solar for less than $200, and save thousands of dollars of the cost of having someone else build and install a home solar panel for you.

With a small amount of work on your part, you can save massive amounts of money off your power bill, reduce your carbon footprint and possibly even remove yourself off the grid demand. If that happens, you can actually sell back excess power to your power company, meaning that you will receive checks from them, not you having to send away your hard earned money at the end of the month to pay for electricity.

For proper photovoltaic building, you will need the following things-

* Solar Cells. These are the main component of your homemade solar panel, as these are effectively the little factories where the sun's energy is turned into power that can be used in your home. Purchase these off eBay in bulk so you can make plenty of solar panels whenever you need to.

* Plywood. This can be easily obtained from DIY stores in large quantities and is easy to cut and shape.

* Copper wire. Buy this online from eBay, or from a local DIY/hardware store.

* Woodworking glue, screws, drills, screwdrivers, saws. Most people will have these tools in their toolboxes anyway.

* Sheet Glass. This is used to provide a cover for the photovoltaic cells to protect them from damage from weather. If you live somewhere that is prone to extreme weather then I would suggest using clear plastic or PVC sheeting. Check in a local business directory to see where you can purchase this.

* Photovoltaic building plans. These are absolutely necessary as they provide the blueprints, measurements and diagrams you need to be able to assemble and install the above components correctly. Also, you will need them to install your homemade solar panel into your house's electricity system properly and safely. The good news is that these plans can be obtained very inexpensively over the Internet.

Click here to learn more about plans for solar energy in your home, including how much you will need to spend, what your power bill reductions will be, as well as what the best photovoltaic building plans are.

Jeff Palmer is an economist, but has also worked in the alternative energy industry since its early days, installing and helping to develop mainly solar and wind power generation systems.