Deep Research Report on China Solar Cell and Module Industry

Though both of the report has some information about cell and module, they are not deep research or survey on cell and module information. So, QYResearch start this topic and focus on cell and module. Cell and module is the hottest topic in China local and a lot of moneybags occurred during the passing years in China. For long time seeing, cell and module profit margin will going down and more serious competitive, but no matter 2007-2011 or future to 2050 , cell and module will increase with a high speed and very large scale. What is more, high oil price will help solar energy etc renewable energy instead of traditional fire energy in long time seeing. So solar will be the energy star in the coming years. It is because energy risk that more and more governments will support solar energy development and more and more companies will invest more on solar energy. During the passing 2006 and today 2007. most global capital are invested in solar energy or related industries. And this trend are also continue in the coming future, or even better than today. German USA Spain Italy Japan Rest of Europe or Global other countries are all take good look of solar energy, these support will bring great demand of solar cell and module and help cell and module growth with a high speed. This report will focus on cell and module companies survey, mainly include the following information or data:

Cell or module capacity production of each companies and total
Capacity expansion or new product line plan
Equipment or technology source
Key product and efficiency
Market share and market position in China or in the world
Cell or module long term contracts
Polysilicon or wafer etc raw materials partner contract or purchase price
Cell or module production Average selling price regional revenue profit margin etc
11 items(such as Shareholder,Management Team,Products,Revenues,Clients etc) of each company
Manufacturing process or related information etc

More than 30 China local manufacturers and 25 Global manufacturers will include in the report and most of the data and information though our team interviews. And thanks to the global and China cell or module marketing or technology experts support during QYResearch solar energy research team survey and interviews.


Table of Contents:

Chapter One Solar Cell and Module Summary 1

Chapter Two Cell Manufacture Technology and Equipment Market Analysis 9

Chapter Three Cell or Module Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 2007-2011 25

Chapter Four Cell/Module Global Key Vendors(27units) 33

Chapter Five Cell/Module China Local Key Vendors (31units) 150

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