Great Trends in Solar Panels and Solar Energy

The worldwide awareness and campaigning on the  threat of environmental imbalance and polluted energy resources has made public opinion in favour of safe and clean environment . The corporate and industrial sector is not averse to cause of environmental safety. This is reflected  from the new  technologies for alternative use of energy  resources. Solar energy is fast catching up as a most viable option of alternative energy owing to its non-polluting and inexhaustible  nature. Solar panel is a wonder-tool in this concern which is unleashing a silent revolution which is visible in various spectrum and colours.

Retail Houses Up-link With Solar Energy

Now  solar energy panels are not a object limited only to the vast farmhouses in the  countryside. The great idea of adopting the eco-friendly and economical solar energy has already dawned upon the minds of big corporate houses. This is attested by the view of solar panels spotting the rooftops of retail house buildings. A substantial reduction in the energy needs cost is assured in case of business houses who welcome the solar energy. In addition to cutting down the  tax bills , solar power is safe and human-friendly.

Solar Panels in Print Form

Now solar energy panels for harnessing the sunlight are also present in form of print sheets. This has been made possible by the efforts of Konarka Technologies in association with Massachusetts based  research  team. These panels have been framed on a  technology analogous to the  inkjet printing technology . Important thing  is that these panels can be mounted on any surface or printed directly onto a surface . This innovation is going to make the solar panel a light weight and easy to install tool unlike those bulky and heavy frames of solar panels commonly found.

Solar Energy Powered Mobile Phones

Soon it will be unnecessary to rely on th electrical charging of the cellular phones. The solar panel meant for powering the functioning of the mobile phone is built on the straps attached to the mobile phones. Such type of technology is at present initiated by Strap ya company with brand name Solar Charge EC.

Solar Panels to Power Space Vehicles

the latest state of the art technology research has made it reality to visualize the space travel without depending upon propellant fuel as energy source. The special purpose solar  panels in this case are based on silicon fusion linked amorphous material. An alteration in the existing norm of propellant based spacecraft engine is mandatory along with the compliance with solar panel system. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), New York reportedly have entered into  a contract with United Solar Ovonic in this concern.  Once completed the project will be  a great step in direction of clean and cost-effective space travel for astronomical purposes and airships.

Solar Panels on Fabrics

It is very interesting of thinking  clothes enabled with solar panels for using up the sunlight around. With the concerted   research work of Japanese scientists this is no less than a reality. The  solar panel laden fabrics are based on extremely thin solar cell panel and  render  the  properties like easily molding and colorfulness with equal aesthetic appeal as normal cloth.