Myth: Solar Energy Is Too Expensive For Me

I am a little tired of listening people say that today, solar energy is too expensive for us to implement; that the initial cost of using solar energy in our houses is too high and that people cant afford it; and the worst of all is that the people saying this kind of things, actually know nothing about this type of energy.

Before I explain why solar power being expensive is a myth, I want to clarify that solar power is divided in two major areas that have to be treated as two different types of solar energy; thermal solar power and photovoltaic (PV) solar energy.

First we are going to talk about solar thermal, which, without a doubt is not an expensive way too use solar energy in your house. Installing a solar thermal system for a typical home in America can cost you as little as $400, and the average return of the investment in a solar heater generated by the savings in your energy bill is less than two years. So, almost no one can say that this is too expensive for you to install. And even better, if you build the solar heater yourself, the system can cost you less than a hundred dollars.

In the other hand we have the PV systems. In this case if you want to take your house completely off the grid only using solar power, it certainly will be a big one time expenditure. But, who says that you have to use solar energy in your entire house at once?

You can start by buying your first PV energy kit for less than $400 in Costco or Lowes and start too see the savings in your energy bill in the first month. The trick here is too save this money in an energy jar so you can keep buying more and cheaper solar kits for your house using only the money you are saving with your solar panels; and before you notice it, you will be living in a house completely off the grid.

So, as you can see, solar energy is not expensive, you only have to approach the issue with a new perspective.

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