Solar Power is Catching on in Louisville, KY

Lack of Kentucky state incentives for renewable energy did not deter Tim Darst and Angela Lincoln from investing and installing in a grid-tied photovoltaic (P.V.) system for their home in a Highlands neighborhood. Tim is an active member of the Coalition to Advance Regional Transportation (C.A.R.T.) and an accountant by trade.

His wife Angela teaches at a local Catholic high school where she routinely incorporates lessons on sustainability. Both Tim and Angela work hard at reducing their energy consumption by utilizing public transportation, using high efficiency appliances, and engaging in conservation practices. The pair first contacted SunWind Power Systems, Inc.
for a comprehensive energy audit prior to making the choice to go solar. The audit identified several more areas for improvements in efficiency. SunWind Power then designed a system based on their monthly average usage of 375 kilowatt hours and was able to size a P.V. system to meet Tim and Angela’s needs. The system consists of 11 solar panels manufactured by Evergreen, an American based company. The panels were mounted with a Unirac, a rack custom engineered to handle wind load for the region. Each panel has a capacity of 180 watts, and the system capacity is 2.0 kilowatts. The couple is very satisfied with their system.

Sunwind Power Systems provides energy solutions for residents in Kentucky and Indiana. The company will be moving ahead on efforts to install their own grid-tied solar water heating system and wind turbine on the property after recently reaching an agreement for net metering with their local utility cooperative, Harrison R.E.M.C. More information can be obtained at