why the politician intervention in the solar energy industry just worsen the progress?

The election time in the US is coming and the roller-coaster of oil prices, producing an enormous pile of promises and declaration about green energy in general and solar energy in particular.
Some states, like California did made a progress toward more renewable and sustainable energy market.

However, we must understand that all of these talking and promisses will not help to the future of solar power industries.
The reason for this is that the solar companies still don't have an efficient enough technology to completely replace the current energy resources.
In order to develop the right technology, the industry must work in a free competitive market, in which only the really economical reliable solutions will prosper.
Today, the competition become more about getting governmental grants and funds and less about building a better technology.
Companies today need to support more academic research and developing a better panels and batteries, and less politicians.

Politicians are interested in votes and not in technology and hence, will support the technology that will be beneficial for them in the short run and not in the long run..
So we must close our ears from listening to these promises, and invest in companies who plan a better future, with new technology and not a better present with current technology.

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