What you ought to know before going solar in a new house?

We encourage everyone to go into solar, but you have to look at some general considerations before you’ll buy and use your solar system...

New home
The best opportunity to go solar is when you move to a new home. This will give you the chance to design and orient the way you are going to use solar power at your place. A green oriented home build in a way it can admits the sun power at the winter for decreasing heating costs and rejecting overhead sun rays in the summer to reduce the cooling bills. Your architect should consider these principles when remodeling the house. A mere 5 degrees alternation in the home orientation can save thousands of dollars.

Connecting to solar grid

It is common in the US to buy electricity from renewable energy resources, including solar power, wind farms, plants oil, geothermal energy and more. The electricity grid usually allow you to get your energy from such sources, and moving to such green energy suppliers is a good way to go green. This is a way to use clean energy without buying the equipment. However, using your own equipment, however expensive, can save you money in the future, and give you independence

Your own power.

If a after building your home energy efficient you still have high bills, and your area is sunny enough, you might consider producing your own electricity with PV panels. The technology is being developed all the time, and new solar panel are available that can integrate with your roof, without much visibility.

Generating your electrical energy from the sun with a PV panels is much easier than it appears. Don’t let somebody tell you it’s complicated – it really isn’t. Just little knowledge will get you started on ordering the right components. For installation, you can hire an experienced solar installer, or if you have some basic electrical skills you can even do it yourself.

Just don’t forget that there are some building rules and regulations you have to follow.

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